Early Coding for Kids


Early Coding

StartUp Bootcamp

Bring your ideas to life.

Learning Outcomes

The StartUp Bootcamp is designed to help students identify local and global problems, design functional and scalable solutions and turn their ideas into businesses, social enterprises or non-profits. At the end of the Bootcamp, every student would be ready to launch their own organization or business.

We require that the students who enter the Bootcamp have passed through the Early Coding Levels 1 to 3 where they would have acquired the thinking skills required to create solutions to problems and the coding skills required to build whatever technology their solution requires.

At this stage, the Bootcamp is currently focused on raising tech-driven startups and businesses.
Delivery Options

Online Only

This module is only delivered virtually with personalized coaching from real entrepreneurs with thriving businesses in different sectros

Duration & Cost

4 months of learning + 2 months of mentorship by another entrepreneur. We arrange
for each student to intern under an innovative entrepreneur while finalizing their launch


6 months


Weekly task sheet + one live coaching call every week



Duration: 6 months
Delivery: Weekly task sheet + one live coaching call every week
Cost: ₦60,000/month

Cost covers shipping of every student’s StartUp Pack + mentorship placement