Early Coding for Kids


Holiday Coding and Startup Program

Holiday Coding & Start-Up Program for Kids

Five Weeks (July 31st - September 1st) Physical & Virtual option Available | 5 - 16 years olds

Our holiday program offers an accelerated journey through our learning pathway.


Learn problem-solving, analytical thinking, and creativity skills for beginners. Learn to code using block programming and unplugged activities.

For beginners with no experience


After this level, students will fall in love with problem-solving, have foundational computer programming skills, and be ready for a lifetime of innovation


Become a master creator, learn advanced programming concepts and build original games and mobile apps.

Requires fundamental knowledge in programming


At the end of this level, each student would have shareable products, including an original game they conceptualized and a functional mobile app.

Pro Level

Learn to program real-world applications and databases using python, HTML, CSS and SQL.

Requires advanced knowledge in programming


This level equips students with the tech and coding skills required for real-world projects. At the end, students will be able to contribute to and collaborate with teams building real products

Start-Up Bootcamp

A business design and launch boot camp for creative teens who already have coding skills, or have ideas they desire to turn into businesses.

Requires expertise in at least on skill


The startup Bootcamp helps students identify local and global problems, design functional and scalable solutions, and turn their ideas into businesses, social enterprises or non-profits.