Early Coding for Kids


Early Coding


The solid foundation for a lifetime of innovation

Learning Outcomes

By the time anyone gets to this level, they are already well-grounded with knowledge of the core principles of computer programming. What we focus on at this level is to teach them how to build apps using the technologies that the business and commercial world uses.

At the end of this level, the students will be ready to apply their skills to build solutions to real-world problems or will be ready for their first internship in a real organization, an opportunity to develop their skills and gain experience in the world of business.

Every student at the end of the GoPro level is able to build full-scale websites and data-driven applications.
Delivery Options


Learn through a human-driven online school that delivers a 21st-century virtual classroom experience to students irrespective of their location.

Duration & Cost

This level covers 10 learning domains that can be delivered over the course of either 12 months or 22 months, depending on the student’s availability.


3 months

6 months


Two live contacts every week

One live contacts every week




Duration: 3 months
Delivery: Two live contacts every week
Cost: ₦60,000/month
Duration: 6 months
Delivery: One live contacts every week
Cost: ₦35,000/month

Cost covers tuition and licenses to all learning platforms