Early Coding for Kids


Become A Coding Teacher

Become A Coding Teacher
With STEM Academy.

Are you eager to make a positive difference in the lives of the younger generation by imparting them with essential tech and coding skills? Become a coding teacher with the STEM Academy, dedicated to becoming the leading coding academy for kids by teaching children the rudiments of creativity, the skill of coding and enterprenurship. Together, we are nurturing African children to become pioneers and visionaries, empowering them to excel as innovators and creators.

Join sTEM Academy In 4 Steps

Pass Our Online Aptitude Test

You will be required to take our online aptitude test to ensure you posess the requirements to perform in this capacity

Complete Our STEM Certification Program

You will be given free access to our online certification course for coding teachers. Upon completion you will be examined and certified.

Intern With Us

You will be given a chance to learn how to teach coding to children alongside our coding teachers in schools and after school classes.

Join Our Ranks

Become a Coding Teacher with STEM Academy, teaching children how to code, and mentoring other trainees.


Our training model is meticulously crafted to equip you with the fundamentals of technology and coding, while also instructing you on how to effectively impart this knowledge to young learners. At STEM Academy, our passion for people drives us, and we wholeheartedly invite you to be a part of our community.