Early Coding for Kids


Early Coding


The solid foundation for a lifetime of innovation

Learning Outcomes

At this level, our goal is to teach the important coding skills required to build useable and functional programs.
The students get to practise solving bigger problems and turning their solutions into products. We use two development outcomes to measure progress at this level - Games and Mobile Apps.

By the end of this level, every student won’t just be a confident programmer and creator
but would have established themselves as creators who have shareable products they’ve
created, including:

Delivery Options


Learn through a human-driven online school that delivers a 21st-century virtual classroom experience to students irrespective of their location.

Duration & Cost

This level has 40 learning modules that can be delivered over the course of either 5 months or 10 months, depending on the students availability


3 months

6 months


Two live contacts every week

One live contacts every week




Duration: 3 months
Delivery: Two live contacts every week
Cost: ₦60,000/month
Duration: 6 months
Delivery: One live contacts every week
Cost: ₦35,000/month

Cost includes tuition, printed books & worksheets, access to our lesson videos, learning platform for live
coding practice & live learning support.