Early Coding for Kids


About Us

On a mission to raise younger innovators

Since 2018 we have been teaching children how to code from the age of five. Many of our students start to think like entrepreneurs by the time they are 12 years old, building real apps that solve real problems affecting their communities, and building solutions to global problems such as world hunger, unemployment and education.

What We Teach

How to think

we teach problem-solving and analytical thinking skills empowering students with the ability to solve problems across domains and industries.

How to code

we teach computer programming skills, empowering students with the ability to create whatever they can imagine.

How to start a business

we teach students how to turn problems into opportunities and how to create a business model around their ideas.


We are founded by real entrepreneurs who have built multiple businesses in different sectors including education and software. Our curriculum was developed by internationally certified STEM Educators, tested over many years and constantly reviewed to guarantee it remains relevant. All our resource persons are practising software professionals who teach hands-on skills that are relevant in the industry

Meet Our Coaches

David Ogunshola

Founder & Lead Coach

Daniel Adesina

Lead, Operations & Training

Mary Fagboyo

Learning Support